The A2+ Wireless speakers feature a 2-¾ inch interwoven Kevlar woofer together with a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter. USB input support maxes out at 24/48. This is the Audioengine A2+ wireless review. That’s our promise and our commitment.. Christen and Rex [Founders of Gadget Review], © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |  Gadget Review. This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed Audioengine wireless active speakers. You’ll also find most of the input ports on the left speaker, and despite the a2+ speakers being described as wireless, you will have to use a cable to connect the left and right speakers together. Audioengine doesn’t use any “bass enhancing” circuits to artificially add bass, so what you hear with the A2+ is all-real and astonishingly deep with the right placement. They are designed to last long, and can be hooked up to a TV or even a gaming console if you so wish. The overall sound of the Audioengine A2+ Wireless is crisp and clean leaning towards the slightly warmer side. Audioengine products have been recognized as being easy to set up and convenient to use. The Audioengine A2+ is a reliable, good looking speaker system that’ll look great with your desktop setup, and provide room-filling sound. As you can see from the specifications, the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speaker System is really small. No front panel volume control The sound quality of the audioengine A2+ wireless speakers is not that different from its predecessor. This is a great new feature to add to the A5+ and Audioengine did it right. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. As I’ve noted, it’s designed for smaller rooms, or for use as a computer speaker. Sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly recommendations about seasonal and trending products. Audioengine I used the original Audioengine A2 speakers on my desktop for years, and had no desire to replace them. Bluetooth streaming Klanglich machen sich die beiden Knirpse sehr gut in den klaren Höhen und den guten Mitten. The Audioengine 2+ is a great introduction to high-quality audio and the perfect upgrade for your computer or iDevice. You can get them in either black, red or white, and they all come with a glossy finishing to give them a premium feel. The Audioengine A2+ speakers look pretty much the same as the original A2, but with this new set, users will be able to plug them in directly to a computer through its USB port. It is the one without the bluetooth which seems to have slightly different design (centered tweeter versus not). Its sound is warm and inviting, yet clear, making it a good match for acoustic music. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Audioengine A2 speaker system has been on “the scene” as long as the iPhone has been in existence. The best wireless computer speaker I've ever owned. Cabinets are vented by a slot located near the bottom of the front baffle, and the driver array consists of a 2.75-in aramid fiber woofer and 0.75-in silk dome tweeter. Having been born curious about how everything works, he spends his time taking things apart to put them back together, and shares what he finds out through writing. The sound is crisp and accurate. Audioengine is well-known for making affordable powered and passive speakers that are compact enough for desktop use. The design and build of the A2+ wireless speakers from Audioengine are just like their predecessors, meaning you can expect something compact, simple, and stylish. Though the iPhone has seen many iterations (and features, like a headphone jack) come and go, the Audioengine in my memory hasn’t changed much since it’s fall of 2007 release. Hang on for this Audioengine Aa+ wireless speakers review and find out. The A2+ is a two channel speaker system just like the bose companion 2 series iii multimedia speaker set, though it does have decent bass levels even without a subwoofer. And often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when you buy. Yes. When it comes to the enclosure, this consists of high-quality MDF, and at the bottom of this, you will find a horizontal port. While they'll cost you $50 more, Audioengine A2+ multimedia speakers improve on an already good product with slightly better sound when hooked … Noise with the analog input active proved vanishingly low. Audioengine A2+ 60W Aktiver Desktop-Lautsprecher | Integrierter DAC & Analogverstärker | Direkter USB-Anschluss, 3,5 mm-Klinke und Cinch-Eingänge | Kabel inklusive (Bluetooth - Wireless, Schwarz): Audio & HiFi Audioengine's A2+ is the kind of desktop system that lends itself to long listening sessions. Either way—wired or for an extra $50 for wireless—it’s a sweet little speaker for desktop applications or used in small rooms as stereo powered speakers. I'm totally sold on the A2+. The bass is ‘enough’ and pertinent to get the job done but can get overburdened easily as it starts losing out on character with heavier songs. The Audioengine A2+ Hi-Gloss White premium powered speakers with high-fidelity stereo sound connects to your music in seconds from any app or device. Lastly, there's a volume knob that also powers the system on/off. The A2+’s sound signature is incredibly well-balanced. We test every product as a team in our bespoke listening rooms – find out more about how we test on our About Us page. The Audioengine A2+ is a reliable, good looking speaker system that’ll look great with your desktop setup, and provide room-filling sound. No remote control is included with the A2+, though I didn't find that to be a problem. Setup and Use At this ridiculously low price point, there's absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be sitting at every music lover's desktop, or in a whole lot of dorm rooms across the country. By Adrian Ip. Each stands just 152mm tall – that’s six inches – and 102mm wide by … Ultra-compact form factor I did lament the lack of a front-panel volume knob. Its sound is warm and inviting, yet clear, making it a good match for acoustic music. The soundstage is more narrow than full-size bookshelf speakers and tonality squished a bit more but that is also to be expected given its petite size. Kenn is a writer that's fascinated by all things tech. Pros: Excellent sonic clarity, with a focus on accuracy. Gadget Review works with a variety of eCommerce partners and vendors to help monetize the site’s traffic – instead of advertisers. The Audioengine A2+ Wireless rekindled my admiration for the wired A2+, which is still available for $219 a pair. You can read more about our honesty pledge for additional insight on this matter. The Audioengine A2+ Wireless speakers come in red, white and black. The system's ultra-compact form factor made it a natural fit for my desktop. Unbiased, No B.S. Instead, it came from Delta, BC, Canada, which is a city in the Greater Vancouver Area that borders Point Roberts, Washington. The ultimate Bluetooth mini home music system that’s perfect for your desktop or smaller spaces. It can connect to a turntable, desktop or laptop; or you can use it as a glorified Bluetooth speaker, just with way better stereo separation… Read Full Review. I also tried a Bluetooth link to confirm the specified 100-foot range (confirmed!). You guys have to hear how this speaker sounds. Connections and controls are located on the left speaker's back panel and include stereo RCA and mini-jack inputs, a mini USB input (the built-in DAC can decode up to 24-bit/48kHz files), and a stereo RCA subwoofer output. Playing another 16/44 Tidal stream, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition: The Great Gate of Kiev, as performed by the Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Oliver Knussen, the system's sound could get a bit congested at high volumes, but it overall proved capable of conveying an orchestral performance with good density and spatial detail. This version is different from the original A2 in that it includes a USB audio input. Order online 24/7, free delivery! We’ve also added an output to connect a subwoofer and you can even go wireless with the optional Audioengine W3 adapter. We are hoping to get a pair for review but, in the meantime, you can learn more and order them here. Jun 1, 2019 13:45 EDT Share Tweet Submit. The Audioengine A2+ is available now in Black, Red or White for $269. Measuring only 6 inches in height, 4 inches in width and 5.25 inches in depth, and weighing around 3 pounds in weight it’s safe to presume the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers are reasonably small. It has a sparkly and extended treble, a well-toned, fairly neutral, midrange that sits just behind the treble, and … Plus Audioengine A2+ features. Audioengine's A2+ is the kind of desktop system that lends itself to long listening sessions. Sources included a MacBook Pro running Roon for playback and connected directly to the USB input plus the same computer feeding data to a 24-bit/192kHz-capable Meridian Explorer DAC. Audioengine A2+ Wireless … Solid connectivity, including output for subwoofer. The speaker's pinpoint imaging allowed the song's strings and background vocals to spread wide across the soundstage, and I could hear a distinct sense of layering between these background elements and the vocals. Handsome, streamlined design. BROTHERLY LOVE. Our mission is to empower you to find the product you’re looking for and get exactly the information you need to make the right buying decision. We are always transparent about where our information comes from so that you don’t have to waste time and money buying the wrong thing. Discuss: Audioengine A5+ review: Audioengine A5+ Sign in to comment. The aptX Bluetooth HD functionality of the new A5+ Wireless is important to many people who enjoy streaming music from their mobile devices. 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Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers The volume control (which also doubles up as the power switch) & Bluetooth pairing buttons are placed on the back of the left speaker to maintain a seamless design, and next to them you’ll also see a USB input, a stereo mini jack input and a power inlet. What makes it stand out from other Audioengine speakers? Audioengine designs and manufactures its own tweeters, woofers, and many other of the critical components in the system. Audioengine A2+ Wireless 60W Aktiv-Desktop PC Boxen/PC Lautsprecher | Eingebauter 24Bit DAC & Verstärker | aptX Codec, USB-Verbindung, 3,5 mm-Klinken- sowie Cinch-Eingänge (Bluetooth, Rot): Audio & HiFi However, with its small exterior comes a beautiful design and an even more impressive sound. When it comes to our overall thoughts on the speaker, our opinion hasn’t changed. Like several of the company's previous offerings, its most recent model, the A2+, is a petite powered speaker with multiple connectivity options, including wireless aptX Bluetooth streaming. Audioengine reviews & products With more than 40 years’ independent reviewing experience you can trust our recommendations and buy with confidence. Peak power output from each wireless speaker is 30 Watts to give a total of 60 Watts, and the bass quality is also quite impressive despite having a low end frequency response of about 65Hz. Your email address will not be published. reviews and buyers guides. Our reviews and buyers guides are always either based on reviews we’ve done ourselves, or aggregated from trusted sources. They both produce high-fidelity stereo sound that’s loud enough to fill a room, and if you want, you could hook it up to a subwoofer through the RCA input and output. No DSP. Our review unit of the Audioengine A2+ Wireless did not arrive from California, USA like majority of the products we review here at APH Networks. Your email address will not be published. AmazonBasics USB-powered PC Computer Speakers Review, Bose Companion 2 Series iii Multimedia Review, amazonbasics usb-powered pc computer speakers. We delete comments that … The A2+ system's left-channel speaker contains a 2 x 15-watt RMS (30-watt peak) class-AB amplifier and links to the right- channel extension speaker via an included 6.5-foot length of speaker wire. AT A GLANCE And while the lush, spacious sound put out by the A2+ makes it an obvious choice for audiophiles, features such as Bluetooth and a USB computer input also make it a fine option for a less fussy listener. THE VERDICT Audioengine's A2+ Wireless speakers deliver something much of the competition can't: stereo separation. How tiny? And while the lush, spacious sound put out by the A2+ makes it an obvious choice for audiophiles, features such as Bluetooth and a USB computer input also make it a fine option for a less fussy listener. Audioengine A2+ Wireless 60W Aktiv-Desktop PC Boxen/PC Lautsprecher | PREMIUM DESKTOP BLUETOOTH LAUTSPECHER BOXEN MIT INTEGRIERTER DAC - SOUNDKARTE: Audioengine hat traditionell hochwertige Audiogeräte in das digitale Zeitalter eingebracht. The A2+ combines audiophile-friendly sound with the convenience of Bluetooth to create a broadly appealing compact speaker package. This is a review and detailed measurements of the Audioengine A5+ powered bookshelf speaker. Listening next to a 16/44 Tidal stream of Brad Mehldau's "Little Person," the piano had a similarly warm, yet detailed presentation, and the song's lightly brushed cymbals displayed just the right amount of sizzle without coming off as edgy. They take money from brands to skew results. I first plugged in the external power supply and connected it to the left speaker, then placed both speakers on a riser to elevate their tweeters to ear-level. Die preisgekrönten Produkte sind von den Zeitschriften What Hi - Fi, ... Mehr. Warm yet detailed sound It was kindly loaned to me by a member and … For its design, the speakers sport a sleek and straightforward appearance with rounded edges for better aesth… Audioengine A2+ Wireless Review – Audiophile with Wireless Comes to PC. That, along excellent accuracy, makes for a … Getting the A2+ Audioengine audio system is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something that looks great, produces high quality audio and comes in a compact size. The all-new Audioengine A1 Wireless Speaker System, featured in today’s review, certainly doesn’t disappoint. This makes the a2+ wireless speakers very easy to set up. The distance from the wall behind my desk was 8 inches. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the high quality Audioengine A2+ wireless speakers have got a lot more value for money than you’ll get with other computer speakers in the market, and they rank better compared to the amazonbasics usb-powered pc computer speakers set that only comes with a 1 year long warranty. Sometimes you want to reach out and make quick adjustments when listening as opposed to fumbling for a software volume slider. „Hervorragende Verarbeitung und winziger Formfaktor werden bei den Audioengine A2+ mit einem USB-DAC, eingebautem Verstärker und Eingängen sowie einem Cinch-Ausgang gepaart. Unlike the taotronics tt-sk018 soundbar, the Audioengine A2+ bookshelf speakers are available in three main colors. In short, we’ll always remain objective and find you the best products regardless of any monetary incentive. Input switching is automatic, or, to be more precise, multiple inputs on the speaker can be active at once, letting you handle source selection externally. Too many are simply trying to capitalize on affiliate revenue. From a front perspective, these speakers look very neat and clean, especially in black because it blends in the … Audioengine's A2+ Wireless speakers are ideal for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice stereo separation, accuracy, or DSP-free audio in the Bluetooth era. Only the best Audioengine speakers in Singapore. No Required fields are marked *, Is this a review? In diesem Formfaktor gibt es so viele Features nur selten. Nadler's guitar had a clear, glistening quality, and her voice sounded at once warm and textured. I started off my listening session by streaming a 24-bit version of Marissa Nadler's "For My Crimes" from Qobuz, at first via the speaker's USB input, and then using the Meridian DAC. Build quality is exceptional for a speaker at this price, and Audioengine offers satin black, high-gloss red, and high-gloss white finish options. However, at no time, will it ever affect our rankings or judgment of the product(s) in discussion or under evaluation. Performance Minus Audioengine’s A2+ Wireless is a fantastic entry-level speaker system for anybody who doesn’t want to spend more than $300. Audioengine A2+ Wireless Review: Audio Head. Audioengine's A5+ Wireless speakers deliver a stellar sonic experience aimed at audiophiles with 24-bit upsampling to ensure high-quality Bluetooth audio. PRODUCT INFO. This is what allows us to offer our content free of charge or without a paywall. We're on a mission to fix the broken user review system. Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Lautsprecher: Test, Reviews und Erfahrungen von Nutzern der HIFI-FORUM Community zum Audioengine A2+ Wireless. Despite the speaker having tiny 2.75-inch woofers, I heard more than a suggestion of low end; the sound could best be described as well-balanced. Read CNET’s full review here. Could this be one of the best computer speakers for you? They are so very, very tiny. On the front of the Matte Black (also available in Gloss Red and Gloss White) painted Audioengine A2+ Wireless speakers sent in for review is well, nothing. Conclusion Audioengine Review | Gear Diary | The A2+ Wireless Speakers provide excellent Bluetooth stereo sound. Other than being affordable, there's lots to like about the A2+. But how would the Audioengine A2+ speakers stack up. Just over a year ago we reviewed the much bigger A5+ models and were so impressed we scored them at 4.7 out of 5.0. Audioengine Review | Gear Diary | The A2+ Wireless Speakers provide excellent Bluetooth stereo sound. If you’d like, you can go ahead and have a look at what other buyers had to say about the speakers on Amazon so that you know what to expect when you finally purchase it. As such, some of the links on this page may earn us a commission when you click thru and purchase from the associated partner, like Amazon. Being capable of a wireless connection, the speakers can be linked to any audio source that supports Bluetooth, and if not, the speaker system still allows for a cable setup. The price: at $269, the A2+ is the least expensive powered Bluetooth model in the company's lineup.

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