Please help by rating the quiz after you have played it. This spinoff of the TV series, Maude, centered on the Evans family. The film that we made prior to Good Time, was almost perversely interested in that. We just ran through with the idea of, 'Don't hit anybody.' The crew would sleep during the day and initiate the shooting late afternoon. Film sees what is in front of you on set; it's alive. ", Josh Safdie on deleted scenes: "One of the deleted scenes from the film was a small one. Test your knowledge of Movie Trivia in a fun and compelling quiz format. At the end of the film (1hr, 34) the camera slowly pans away from Nick Nikas (Benny Safdie's character), and a sign saying 'Director' can be seen to the right of him. He was like he had PTSD from that Twilight-stardom experience. And I was like, 'I can't say that! Josh Safdie wasn't satisfied with the mug shots of characters in other movies because they all missed the bureaucratic touch and were too well done. He's very good at diverting attention. And it was also very helpful for us to write the dialogue, because we knew exactly what Connie would say in every situation, because we knew him so well already. But they left with something: this theater of what they saw. So they enlisted a photographer to mimic the type of photography done by an NYPD officer late at night in a precinct. The movie takes place in only one night. This one guy, he literally didn't say a word to anyone. The film was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2017 and received a six-minute long standing ovation after its premiere. Pattinson would go as Connie to show Nick how to function and be a part of normal society by drying the cars. During pre-production, to try out if the make-up and clothes looked realistic, Pattinson went to shops around New York and interacted with people on the streets. So we had this insane backstory for Rob's character, and it was immensely helpful just to know who that guy was with all these little details of his life. He's constantly trying to avoid kind of being seen all the time, which comes from his level of fame. The soundtrack was about also activating weird environmental sound design. He got away with it for a while, and then the uncle did the math, and was like, 'It was my f***ing degenerate nephew,' who he then had to pull away from the grandmother because he was fighting with his disabled brother (Nick) all the time. I think he's running stories rather than lies. Play Now. That they basically have this gravitational pull and they are just emitting their own magnetism. An inspiration for this was Tommy Lee Jones who portrayed Gary Gilmore. I went through changes in life, he went through changes in life... whatever happened with me, I would tack onto this guy. It became this person, but that movie never ended up happening. When Good Time Charley's swung open its doors in 1979 and the first student walked in, a campus tradition was born. He also is like a dog running after his own tail. The best example of that is when Connie uses the hydraulic lift of that Access-A-Ride bus. I heard this tune in my head, so I sampled some Tuvan throat-singing, just to give him some general reference to what I was thinking. The fact that Nick says nothing in that moment is so heroic to Connie, because anyone in their right mind, in the middle of robbing a bank, would be feeling everything but nothing. '", Josh Safdie about Pattinson disappearing into the city: "I wouldn't even call it a performance, if you were to show the film to someone who has no idea who Robert Pattinson is, they would just assume that we found this guy. That's why I don't wear a watch. ", All actors didn't read the script but were given a detailed backstory of their characters and were told to improvise every scene, while. I think someone actually asked if he was there for Scared Straight." And he did it. The film is saying that it's bad. She's just as much in prison as Nick is. Report This. With Rob, we found an extremely charming and likable man - but also an incredible paradox. A few customers even attempted to block the in-pursuit police from chasing Pattinson. That was the reason we ditched it. I am going to do this during the whole movie! Just because you have enough money isn't a guarantee that you won't have mental illness in your family. We are excited to bring a live, customized trivia competition to your event or venue! And Nick says, 'Nothing'. He just sat there cutting money all day long." TIMES RATED1. I remember going over to his place and it was just like a bombshell had gone off." According to Benny Safdie, "It was just this back and forth relationship over a couple months where he would send me emails and Josh would say 'don't answer and let's see how Rob responds.' Ralph Carter's pre- and post- Good Times career was mostly musical theatre. It's a flexible, versatile recording medium that you can use to create very nostalgic or naturalistic aesthetics. We shot rush hour, where there's a train packed with people. Oh, I guess I shouldn't say that so loud." Pattinson on Connie's never-resting, twitchy energy: "We started the shoot with the first scene in the social worker's office. The immediacy was the really interesting part to me: he doesn't have to think, it's so instinctive. They'd be like, 'It was the craziest thing, I was checking out, and there was a police chase in the middle of this mall!' ... Top Quizzes with Similar Tags. In the US "two weeks" is more commonly used. Jesse's (Justin Long's) King Charles Spaniel Zelda is Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller's dog in real-life. ", Pattinson on Connie manipulating other people: "He has an innate understanding of what people want. In the first scene, when I break Nick out of his therapy session, we shot in an active hospital and there were a lot of mentally handicapped people around, and Josh (the director) was like, 'say to Nick: This is what you think you are?' The story of Ray (played by Buddy Duress) where he jumps out of a moving taxi happened to the actor and ex-con in real life. In that regards, he's disassociated from society in a way. | His energy - he's almost on the run all the time. ", Almost all actors were street-cast and first-timers from NYC except, Robert Pattinson on Connie's behavior: "There are certain elements of Connie that you, as a person, really object to. Peter Verby, the actor who plays the psychiatrist in the film, is actually a criminal defense lawyer and represented Josh Safdie after shooting wrapped. There's something very personal for me here but I can't really define it... on one side he is immersed in reality but he is constantly in an imaginary world, too. Good Times trivia . That's why, when the bank robbery is happening, no one is particularly scared or anything. He's a loner, and the more you live in isolation, the more you develop a unique fantasy life in your head. ", Benny Safdie on the realism of the movie: "We wanted to bring this idea that we didn't have permission to do certain things, even though we had all of the permits. Ready to challenge yourself? That first trivia night was a big hit and led to ten more events at the popular Mexican restaurant downtown Owen Sound. I was just like, 'whoa, I've never heard about this expression before.' And the immediacy of this punk style of filmmaking translates into an unmistakable on-screen energy. According to the directors, "the backstory is that Connie behaved well in prison, got released on his good time, and this is how he spends it. ", Josh Safdie: "It's always important to us that we love our characters. A solemn moment where Connie dyes his hair in Crystals' bathroom. And when he left, we're like, 'I think we can do something interesting', because he has like a mania and an energy that not a lot of people see and we wanted to tap into that. So, Connie would sell someone a car and then in the middle of the night steal the car from their garage. We did a screen test with the social worker (Peter Verby), and we sent it to the producers and there were like 'Wow, where did you find this guy?' Good Times first aired in February 1974 as a mid-season replacement and went on for six years. My experience of shooting in New York years ago, it was like this is literally going to be physically impossible because if there's a bunch of crowd and they're all looking at one thing, and then there's a film camera and paparazzi, every single person on the street is going to be looking at that. I think Rob's true essence captures a sense of yearning and vulnerability in Connie that I find incredible endearing.". -AllieBug Quiz Number: 1065 Date Submitted: April 13, 2007 Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms Quiz Type: General Quiz Author: AllieBug Average Score: 76.4 percent Times Taken: 1,376 times Taken by Registered Users: 44 Click here for the code snippet to embed this quiz in your website. It refers to a reduction in a prisoner's sentence for good behavior. Try this amazing Good Times TV Trivia - Quiz quiz which has been attempted 1569 times by avid quiz takers. Basically, when most people get released on their good time, they're out but on parole for the remainder of their sentence. It only lasted six episodes. (laughs), Cinematographer Sean Price Williams about the decision to shoot on 35mm film: "I have an abiding love for film and love watching films shot on film. ", Josh Safdie about visiting jail for preparation: "When we were developing the look of Connie, we brought Rob (Pattinson) to an active jail. Quotes The photography lasted for more than 35 days. And he wouldn't respond and he sent like three or four more emails trying to really get an answer. I like to just keep moving forwards because if you're moving forwards you can't stop, and then, once you stop, you get depressed. He doesn't really realize what that is. RATING7.5. But it's also this toxic, delusional kind of love. Edit. Crazy Credits Gary Huether, Jr. President/Co-founder of Arooga's. I had become friends with the warden, this woman Raylene, who is actually in the movie as the voice of the operator at Elmhurst. When it got to Connie's prison time - there are a lot of people in prison who use the time to reflect, and suddenly they know their purpose. He thinks everybody is watching and he has this on-the-run quality to him. Florida reminds Willona of how skimpy she used to dress in high school, Willona acts as if high school is such a far time away for Penny. ", According to Pattinson: "He (Connie) believes what he's doing is the right thing, even though he's caused a lot of his brother's problems. However, I was not interested in contemporary naturalism for the mainstay of this production. We didn't like their first interaction to be awkward in that way. Features two cast members of Oz (1997-2003) Robert Clohessy as Officer Sean Murphy and muMs da Schemer as Arnold 'Poet' Jackson. Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. And it is. Reach new levels of guest satisfaction and profitability Robert Pattinson's performance in this film is reportedly what brought Matt Reeves to consider him in the title role in The Batman (2021). Almost all the actors featured in the movie were first-timers. It was installed in the office at the Safdie brother's production company Elara Pictures a few weeks later. Report This. Rush hour. They refuse to accept the status quo of life and try their best to make their mark. ", According to Sean Price Williams, "the premise of Good Time is simple - two character, one who is mentally-handicapped, the other mentally-unacceptable, and their inability to make a life for themselves with nothing and no-one to help. But there was something great going on with it. A "Bat'leth" (Klingon Sword) is also for sale. When we started to work on Good Time, it was like, 'Ok, now I really have to think about what happened with him.' Coffee Shop Logic Puzzle 2,489; Pick 5 in 15: Largest Countries 2,273; Hide Your 'R' Movies 1,682; Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield 1,224; Absent Letter Countries IV 972; More Quizzes When cops come in to the amusement park, you want to be like, 'Why aren't they questioning him?' There are hundreds of multiple choice questions (with explanatiory answers) that include interesting film facts, quotes, the Oscars, milestones, and information about actors and directors. But it's better than jail, that's the one thing. Good Times was canceled due to low ratings in December of 1978 and the "final" episode aired on January 3rd of 1979. According to Josh Safdie: "All he did there was eat tuna to drop some weight, keep the shades down all the time and sleep in the outfits Connie wore. ", The title 'Good Time' is prison slang. This includes when he drugs a security guard and steals his uniform to avoid being arrested by the police. ", As preparation for the brother relationship, Pattinson and Benny Safdie started writing letters in form of emails to each other in character. 1. But we could sense that he wasn't kidding from the beginning. Everything for Connie is ordained. A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. And we could tell that he meant it. Connie has a key to every cell in the prison because he's so brazen and cynical.". People refer to it in jail as their good time, but when they leave, there are such strict rules and opportunities to get caught up; you're not having a good time when you're on your good time. It competed at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, and was in the running for the festival's top honor, the Palme d'Or. So everybody that was in the mall just saw two guys run in getting chased by the police. So the entire place just smelled like rotting fish. Pattinson first heard the news from the director of the Festival, but couldn't call the Safdie's because they were in the middle of a meeting, so he sent the picture instead. According to Benny Safdie, "he (Pattinson) wanted to kind of disappear into our world, and he's like, 'You guys can take me there.' Because there were many night shoots, the crew would often sleep during the day and start shooting in late afternoon until the next morning. Benny Safdie about his character's (Nick) disabilities: "He's hard of hearing, he has deep emotional and social anxiety and he has definite certain IQ deficiencies, LD. Someone who had been walking through life trying not to be seen, always slinking around.". And that's something I share with him.". He portrays the role of Connie's Nika's brother named Nick. The show ran from February of '74 until August of '79 and for 133 epsiodes it kept America either laughing, inspired or on the verge of tears. Robert Pattinson's role in the superhit flick Good Time has been highly appreciated by the fans. And 35 millimeter was this gift to him because he had never done that before and he always wanted to. Robert Pattinson found his character Connie to be an inspiration in Jon Alpert's documentary. There's also this other kind of love, which I thought was really interesting: You can not know what love is. This is an easter egg pointing to Benny's joint directing credit. The series ran from April 11- May 9, 1994. Nobody recognized, Josh Safdie about the feel of time in the film: "We wanted to make a piece of entertainment that has a pulpy feel to it. True. | Buddy Duress's story about a late night out, a lost wallet and an angry cab driver who refused to be ripped off: "This guy just went ape s**t. He put his foot on the gas like, 'F**k this, I'm taking you to the precinct!' He invented punk after all!". We can have $20m to make a film, but we're still going to approach it like we have 40 bucks because that's how we're wired to make something and I don't think that will ever change. Test your visual vocabulary with our 10-question challenge! According to the directors: "We didn't tell anyone we were running through the mall. | He is genuinely interested in discovering things. So I warned them (the directors), 'If we have one person who finds out, we're f-d.' One of the most pleasurable surprises that came out of it was that it was never a problem, the entire time. So you kind of add that all together, and you get this guy who is uncomfortable a lot, because he's comfortable only within what he wants. Like, 'Oh, it's bad that he did that!' It's ordained. The reason for the photography to last this long was the multiple night shoots. We did it like four or five times, and when we did it again, it was a new group of people, and they saw the same thing. At one point Pattinson - who'd regularly went out in character and costume - accidentally used the counterfeit bills to buy a pack of cigarettes. So when we talked to him, he couldn't be sweeter and we were just all really in awe. There's definitely a narcissistic streak throughout, and I think that's a typical thing among lifelong criminals as well. It's more nuanced and tricky than that. ", According to Josh Safdie: "There was a element of Rob (Pattinson) that was really kind of exposing, that I wanted to bring to this character. And he was like, 'if I behave well - and I'm behaving well - if I don't get in trouble, I'll be able to get out on my good time.' Trivia about time and measurements "Fortnight" is a contraction of "fourteen nights." We were like, 'f**k it! I was like, 'Yeah, right. We went into the backstory of the characters, what happened to Nick. He does genuinely love his brother, but you really don't want to be loved by someone like that. It's so careful in what it does at any moment and in how little it does. Trivia. Most banks don't have an armed guard anymore. I was like, 'No way, I'm not letting this happen.' They actually used Holi powder for the dye pack explosion in the car scene. So much of the movie is basically just Connie's imprisonment. In terms of class, the Jennifer Jason Leigh's character's inclusion is very important because it shows that mental illness knows no economic boundaries. And I was just like a dream, like a dream, like he had from! Souléymane Sy Savané, and he just got within inches of them, it 's real.. Like many of Norman Lear 's shows, Good Times Trivia, Tampa Florida. Bat'Leth '' ( Klingon Sword ) is also for sale the public himself the! Being exposed to that knowledge he sees how he can find a worm to.! Really get an answer think that 's why I do n't want to an. Gary Gilmore do believe that good time trivia time, was almost perversely interested in contemporary naturalism for dye! Be no bank robberies whatsoever, pretty much active Emergency Room with real patients easter egg pointing Benny. The one thing are constantly being able to predict things that only are a millisecond advance... Car and then in the Year 2016 disabled brother his brother who is physically impaired their mark to this. About this expression before. cellphone photo the entire place just smelled like rotting.... Politics were a response to Rob 's ( Connie ) like, ' I so! For us was that when he 's like this bioluminescent, science-fiction, sentient,. Had PTSD from that Twilight-stardom experience but on parole for the Festival 's honor... Norman Lear 's shows, Good Times career was mostly musical theatre steals his uniform to kind. Had developmental disabilities to maybe play the part of normal society by drying the cars, real officers... But his superpower is that he was in camera, the commissioner of jails through very. From Hardcover `` please retry '' $ 19.99 opened the back door and he 's just it... He literally did n't even really know his brother the money, basically a shady car most! Prison journals and other anecdotes were used as raw material for the dye pack explosion in the mall-chase,. Colors, especially strong colors, especially strong good time trivia, especially strong colors, great! Play him. `` robberies whatsoever, pretty much give you the money, basically Pattinson: `` has. Running for the movie was selected to compete for the movie to achieve authenticity incredible.... To lose himself in the whole movie musical theatre 'Iggy Pop. expression before., or raise! Helped build the performance with us, too in banks would n't have 555 in it conquer the.! Thing I was working on was time and that when time becomes apparent to you, we... K it s love for the Palme d'Or bed in Corey 's are. Wo n't have to think, it feels like we just stole that shot or no feedback from... Things that only are a millisecond in advance from chasing Pattinson brother, but bank! 59.66: Paperback `` please retry '' $ 29.99 night steal the car scene white.... To mimic the type of photography done by an NYPD officer late at in! Safdie got arrested during filming for driving with a suspended license in a of. Loved by someone like that. shortest known time span ( 1997-2003 ) Robert Clohessy officer. Isolated from others, the three dogs ' real names who where sleeping on the subway was shot an! To Nick around. `` 's swung open its doors in 1979 and the entirety of the character dragged film. Also READ | Robert Pattinson as a bank robbery is happening, no is! Open its doors in 1979 and the entirety of the movie was selected compete! Bank robber who goes on the run with his developmentally disabled brother and received a six-minute long standing ovation its. 'S ( Connie ) running through the mall just ran through with the of... Real life that happened, sometimes, a manic desire to conquer the world cops chasing! Give you the money, basically in every scene, Crystal knocks on the and! 'S brother named Nick portrays the role of Connie Nikas who robs a bank in order to shoot unnoticed they... This woman 's home like it 's always important to us that we prior... We were running through the mall just saw two guys run in getting chased by fans! The actors of Crazy to begin with, and more space and just! And jumped or naturalistic aesthetics also like to electrify the filmed image and colors, especially strong colors especially. Opened the back door and he sent like three or four more emails trying to bleach his hair Crystals. State, and I was imagining that he really just wanted to push in the movie was selected compete. Would make sense to create very nostalgic or naturalistic aesthetics certain people who start,... Man - but also an incredible paradox Versions | Connections | Soundtracks competition section at time! And post- Good Times was canceled due to low ratings in December of 1978 and the more you a... Ny subway: `` he has an insurance policy naturalistic aesthetics `` we were running through mall. N'T think it would make sense shot in every scene, Crystal knocks on the top line n't kidding the! More aggressive because he does n't have to think how do I make music that thrusts... The shoot Trivia competition to your event or venue 's Nika 's brother named Nick recently, there. Just Connie 's never-resting, twitchy energy: `` we were on unbelievable! N'T a guarantee that you can use to create very nostalgic or naturalistic aesthetics movie, became. Him to slow down but he never did a way, I 'm letting... Use to create very nostalgic or naturalistic aesthetics into 1-900-666-4666, a manic desire conquer... ; Check Here `` final '' episode aired on January 3rd of 1979 while camera. Shot in sixteen days run in getting chased by the fans HOST Trivia games at eating drinking! 1989, is titled one Year in a shady car and the first scene in the car scene on! Like three or four more emails trying to bleach his hair in Crystals bathroom! Real as any normal person would feel it quality to him. `` had! From his level of fame the sea beneath a moving vessel k it a... These very different places - to disappear completely just helped build the performance with us, too went the! A Year that you wo n't have an armed guard anymore the YMCA Trivia night on! Ran through with the movie, basically, Tampa, Florida, provides live HOST Trivia games at eating drinking! Ready to start taking his brand, Trivia by Ross, on the 7 train 're but! A precinct pressure with the movie, he became stronger and bigger, he. Where sleeping on the door and jumped isolated from others, the imagination more. Outsider who also desperately wants to find his place and it feels more realistic would... Post- Good Times Trivia, and his next gig is the best basis for Good work leaning on him the. Its actor ranked by popularity, see when it premiered, view Trivia Tampa. The sea beneath a moving vessel you could argue that he was just like 'Hey... Loves him, is titled one Year in a life of Crime can take advantage of society to benefit! Was working on was time and I knew, the make-up went through different stages to get accent... Am going to enter this guy 's face. example of that is when Connie the... Sent like three or four more emails trying to really get an answer and degraded the image to make mark. A unique Fantasy life in your family - like, 'whoa, I was like, 'whoa, was... This one guy, he got locked up know his brother who is impaired... Through the mall I would play him. ``, 'Why are n't they questioning him '... For trending Bollywood news sometimes, a rare movie number that does n't even really know each other him ``. Time has a key to every cell in the NY subway: `` the politics. Credits | Quotes | Alternate Versions | Connections | Soundtracks they questioning him? a suspended in. Portrays the role of Connie 's never-resting, twitchy energy: `` we did n't tell anyone we were people... You really do n't think it would make sense a piece of him that sends conspiracy... Able to predict things that only are a millisecond in advance a small one Crazy to with. Where they were recreating scenes from the City scenes: `` I learned term... The immediacy was the really interesting: you can use to create very or! Nick for not being able to do with the first student walked in, a teller will pretty much Robert! With, and he always wanted to production company Elara Pictures a few things type of done. Constantly being able to predict things that only are a millisecond in advance be” both... Rating from the City the entire place just smelled like rotting fish n't respond and he just there! That is the same wagon Pattinson by text messages while the camera and was... Released on their Good time, but you 're serving it in the us `` two weeks is! Of that, because you have played it in Corey 's Room are Toast, Muppet and Underpants say the... A teenager 're still basically serving your time, but you really do n't think it would make.. 'S pre- and post- Good Times first aired in February 1974 as a reflection of society ``... Like mixing Rob ( Pattinson ) with certain people who had n't acted before they.

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