it's a fact. It is by no means an exhaustive list of countries with Igbo influence. For those who will love to dive to the igbo names for baby boys and their meaning, you can simply check it below. The names are sure to tickle you fancy. Our list of 350 Igbo names for boys and 320 Igbo names for girls would be a great resource for you. READ ALSO: Igbo names and meaning . NAMES MEANING GENDER; Benjamin: Son Of The Right Hand: Boy: Argentina,British,Canadian,English,Hebrew,Latin,Latin America,Nigerian: Christianity: Emmanuel: a word used for the Messiah in the old testament which also means god is with us. In fact, it is one of the Igbo names for boys given to a child who was born after the death occurred. 3. So…. This is a good thing for parents looking to pack meaning and uniqueness into their child's name. Now the Current generation tapped into this to generate more sweet Meaningful Igbo names. The circumstance is the same as above. As practice shows, the name really affects both fate and character. Unique Igbo Names for Boys, Short forms, and English Meaning. Igbo names for girls and the meaning of the names, from A-Z. In few countries, names has little meaning. Are you a mum or a mum-to-be? Therefore, you need to choose a name that will positively impact your little one for the rest of his life. For instance, the real name of Flavour N’abania is Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli. But not in Africa, as Africa parents believes that the name of a child guides him throughout his lifetime.Here on EntertainmentgistMe, I will be sharing with you all, three hundred and eighty (380) Igbo names for boys and their meaning. One of the wonderful things about Igbo names is that there are so many ways to essentially say the same thing. Here are over 200 Igbo names for baby boys and their meanings: Best Igbo names for your baby boy by saintneo ( m ): 2:25pm On Sep 16 , 2015 Choosing a name for a boy, the people of the Igbo tribe are guided primarily by the qualities that they want to lay in the little man. Join fellow Nigerian mothers in the most informative and interactive support community for pregnant, experienced, first time, and trying to conceive mothers. Below are fine Igbo names for boys and their meaning from South-East Nigeria. Below are Sweet Meaningful Igbo Names for your Baby boy, with their meanings. The map below is intended to provide a general reference for countries where Igbo baby names are most frequently seen. Re: Current Ibo (delta Ibo/anambra) Names For Baby Boys. Nigerian baby names: 320 Igbo names for girls and their meanings; Nigerian baby names: 240 Yoruba names for girls and their meanings; 30 beautiful bible verses for when you are trying to conceive; Nigerian baby names: 350 Igbo names for boys and their meanings; Nigerian Baby Names: 180 Yoruba names for boys and their meanings With simplicity, uniqueness and diversity in mind, we bring you a compilation of the best Igbo names for your baby boy and their meanings. Adimchukwunobi (Adimchi) – Am in God’s heart; 2. Countries with the Greatest Igbo Influence. Countries with the most influence include Nigeria. Ozoemena: May another one not happen. Beluolisa (Belu, Bels, Bosah, Olisa) – If not for God. Igbo is Igbo anytime, Anyday. List of Igbo names. Igbo is igbo but u'll also agree with me dat there ar different dialects in igbo language. In fact, some popular figures and celebrities in Nigeria have Igbo names behind their brandable stage names. And all of those names are featured in our list of sweet igbo names for baby boys. Therefore, it is better to choose a few names that you like and then see their meanings. Whichever way you consider it, some of these Igbo names are sources of inspirations for movies and music artists around the … This shows that the name given to a baby goes a long way in defining him and some of his traits. Rare Igbo male names. Igbo parents usually name their children for various reasons including culture, circumstances surrounding the child’s birth, date, festivals, etc.

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